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1+1 TKL

1+1 TKL

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Warranty Policy

IQUNIX custom mechanical keyboard comes with a one-year hardware(PCB) warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any defects in hardware under normal use.

If there are any defects related to the craftsmanship of the keyboard, please contact us within 15 days of receiving the keyboard for us to address the issue.

Learn more details: Warranty Policy

User Guide & Software

📌IQUNIX Software is compatible exclusively with the Tri-mode Version PCB. Please ensure a wired connection to a Windows computer when using them.

📌QMK/VIA Firmware can only be applied to the wired PCB.


User Guide / Software

Zonex 75

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IQUNIX Software
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Game 67

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Ardbeg 65

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Tilly 60

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1+1 TKL

Build Video
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IQUNIX Software
OS: Windows

Nature 80 Aura

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IQUNIX Software
Nature 80 Json File

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What is the 1+1 Series?

"1+1" means "IQUNIX + You", IQUNIX basic layout + your individual needs = Super 1+1 Series.
There will be TKL, 75%, FRL, 96%, full size, and other layouts for the 1+1 product line.
The latest launch is 1+1 = TKL, a gasket mount keyboard kit with 89 keys layout, crafted from full aluminum.
IQUNIX SUPER 1+1 conveys a fusion of premium engineering, timeless minimalist design,
and limitless creative possibilities built for visionaries by visionaries.
Where will inspiration strike next? The open road awaits.

Design Language

The IQUNIX Super 1+1 primary color scheme cleverly divides the top covers of the main key area, navigation keys, and arrow keys into three contrasting color zones, and the red, blue, and white mixed colors, add a unique design effect to the entire keyboard and retro vibe.
Furthermore, we offer three solid color design options to meet the diverse preferences of consumers, allowing users to find their preferred style.

Premium Crafted

The whole barebone kit is composed of 7 individual metal parts, each intricately CNC machined from premium aluminum and costing lots of time. We never compromise on quality and design.

Unique Antenna Module

In general, metal materials will interfere with keyboard signals. Our unique antenna module design enhances the 2.4 GHz/Bluetooth signal for a smooth typing experience even at long distances.

Gasket Mount

1+1 TKL is a gasket mount keyboard kit. The rubber gaskets help reduce ping and vibration, providing a softer feel and deeper sound when typing. And it also makes customization and building easier.

Hot Swappable

1+1 TKL offers three PCB options, and they're all hot-swappable, allowing you to easily swap out your preferred mechanical switches on your keyboard without any soldering or technical expertise.

Tri-Mode Connectivity

We're committed to the original design. Our tri-mode driver is independently developed for an efficient, intuitive, user-friendly experience. You can set up and personalize your keyboard easily with IQUNIX Firmware.

Long-Lasting Battery

The 1+1 TKL will come with two 2000mAh Li-ion batteries included in the kit. It can last up to 3000 hours for the tri-mode version with Bluetooth connected and all backlighting turned off, including the indicator light.

Tri-Mode Hotswap PCB

1+1 TKL only offers Tri-mode Hotswap WK-ANSI PCB (with Per-Key RGB) this time.
It's hot-swappable, enabling you to effortlessly switch your preferred mechanical switches.



IQUNIX Super 1+1 TKL

• Gasket Mount
• Aluminum Case
• Typing angle: 6.5°
• IQUNIX PCB-Mount Stabilizers
• Case Weight: approx. 1.24kg 
• Default Package Weight: approx.2.85kg 
• Dimension: 377mm * 128mm * 22mm (front height) 
• Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1 / 2.4GHz / USB-C 
• Software: IQUNIX Firmware
• Surface Coloring: Anodized / E-coating

IQUNIX Moonstone Switch

• Linear
• 5-pin
• Pre-lube
• Color: Translucent
• Sound: Deep & Thock
• Operating Force: 37±5gf
• End Force:47±5gf
• Pretravel:2.0±0.4mm
• Total Travel: 3.7±0.3mm
• Durability: 80 million actuations


• Keyboard Barebone x1
• Keycaps Set x 1
• Coiled Cable (Type-C) x1
• Manual x 1
• USB Extender×1
• Switch Puller x1
• Screwdriver x1
• The package will be assembled into a barebone for delivery.

1+1 TKL Showcase

iQunix super 1+1-3 拷贝 (1).jpg__PID:8a837721-2f19-4ed0-823e-007529334a62
iQunix super 1+1-8 拷贝.jpg__PID:43da0136-aff8-4176-a2ca-d88e02aab1ad
iQunix super 1+1-10 拷贝.jpg__PID:4b6d4ec7-3f7e-4ca5-a0ac-d7b002923756
iQunix super 1+1-14 拷贝.jpg__PID:ded33a1a-52e5-46d3-bf5a-33b62df426fc
iQunix super 1+1-6 拷贝.jpg__PID:3301f507-5c9d-4986-8071-3f7131a6a66a