Nature 80 Aura User Guide

Nature 80 Aura User Guide

Initial Activation

Method 1: Plug in the USB cable to activate and enter wired mode.
Method 2: Long press  FN + ESC  for 5s to activate and enter 2.4GHz mode.

Bluetooth Mode
1. Short press  FN + 1  and then long press for 5s;
2. Select [IQUNIX N80 BT1] on your device, the indicator turns off when the keyboard is paired.
* For paring more BT devices, repeat the above steps by pressing FN + 2/3.

Switch Between Paired Bluetooth Devices
Simply press  FN + 1/2/3  to switch to other paired devices.

2.4GHz Mode
1. Short Press  FN + 4 ;
2. Plug the 2.4GHz receiver into your device;
3. The indicator turns off when the keyboard is paired.

Power On & Off
Long press  FN + ESC  for 5s to power on or off.
*The USB cable must be removed to power off.

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The Iqunix software on Windows doesn’t work for this keyboard (customization are saved in the software but there’s no effect in real life), and VIA doesn’t recognize the keyboard either. How can I customize this keyboard for macOS?


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