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Warranty Policy

IQUNIX custom mechanical keyboard comes with a one-year hardware(PCB) warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any defects in hardware under normal use.

If there are any defects related to the craftsmanship of the keyboard, please contact us within 15 days of receiving the keyboard for us to address the issue.

Learn more details: Warranty Policy

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ZONEX 75 IQUNIX (1).jpg__PID:c6608610-d537-4e63-af32-26ae378587be
ZONEX 75.jpg__PID:e76dee6e-466f-4380-8dfa-fc79052a11c3

IQUNIX Super zonex 75

Where Elegance meets freedom

Zonex 75 is an exploded 75% layout gasket-mounted mechanical keyboard DIY kit. Crafted from full aluminum and following the design standard of IQUNIX Super Series. Combining aesthetics, performance, and utility, Zonex 75's industrial design features an 81-key layout. Separate function keys and lowered arrow keys minimize the risk of accidental presses, resulting in enhanced efficiency.

The detachable magnetic feet allow for adjustable typing angles, providing extra comfort and convenience. The intuitive extra media knob enables users to effortlessly control video and music playback, pause, and volume adjustment functions.
Additionally, there is an ambient indicator light next to the knob, which adds a sense of fashion and uniqueness to the keyboard.

Featuring a professional, low-key appearance, the Zonex 75 boasts a highly textured, stylish design that seamlessly integrates into any complex desktop configuration. The harmonious and natural design offers both practicality and aesthetics, making it an excellent choice for an entry-level custom mechanical keyboard.


Gasket Mount Design

Thocky Sound, Smooth Typing

Zonex 75 utilizes a gasket structure with a standard damping kit, including poron PCB foam, IXPE switch pad, and poron case foam. The fourfold internal soundproofing treatment effectively reduces keystroke noise and vibrations, delivering a softer touch and a deeper thocky sound while typing.


Eight Colorways

Select a Vibe for Your Workspace

Crafted from premium CNC aluminum, Zonex 75 case features meticulously carved textures that enhance the tactile experience.
Plus, the innovative magnetic metal feet are detachable, allowing for customized typing angles.
Additionally, the included media knob offers an intuitive way for users to control video and music playback.

Alice blue- Texture - ecoating.jpg__PID:af650bef-1679-49da-a342-b5100498c606
W- Texture - ecoating.jpg__PID:daa342b5-1004-48c6-8643-abbe15a0ae2d
Creamy- Texture - ecoating.jpg__PID:ef167979-daa3-42b5-9004-98c60643abbe
BK- Texture  -Anodized.jpg__PID:0bef1679-79da-4342-b510-0498c60643ab
Grey- Texture -Anodized.jpg__PID:7979daa3-42b5-4004-98c6-0643abbe15a0
B- Texture -Anodized.jpg__PID:650bef16-7979-4aa3-82b5-100498c60643
P- Texture -Anodized.jpg__PID:79daa342-b510-4498-8606-43abbe15a0ae
Case Display.jpg__PID:d54abe91-f190-498e-ae23-e1534d4e1e0d

Three PCB Options

Various Hot-Swap Versions

Zonex 75 offers three PCB options, including ANSI and ISO tri-mode versions, as well as a wired version.
All of them are hot-swappable, enabling you to effortlessly switch your preferred mechanical switches.

Wired Hotswap PCB LAYOUT.jpg__PID:88074d00-5a0a-46bc-9512-286edcbadb45

Wired Hotswap PCB
Based on VIA/QMK firmware

Tri-mode Hotswap ANSI PCB LAYOUT.jpg__PID:3a408807-4d00-4a0a-a6bc-1512286edcba

Tri-mode Hotswap ANSI PCB with RGB
Based on IQUNIX firmware

Tri-mode Hotswap ISO PCB LAYOUT.jpg__PID:4088074d-005a-4ae6-bc15-12286edcbadb

Tri-mode Hotswap ISO PCB with RGB
Based on IQUNIX firmware

Programmable Software

Empowers Personalized Settings

Zonex 75 offers two software options based on the PCB: the exclusive IQUNIX software and VIA firmware.
The programmable software empowers you to easily customize knob functions, RGB lighting, remap keys, set macros,
and more for your unlimited personalized settings.


Additional Plates Option

FR4 / POM / Aluminum / PC / Brass

Zonex 75  featured an FR4 plate, which can improve the rigidity and sturdiness of the keyboard. In addition, the thickness and stiffness of the FR4 board provide better support for the keys, reducing shaking and noise, and providing a stable and precise typing experience while reducing fatigue and improving comfort.
We also provide a selection of four different types of plates, each made from varying materials with different levels of hardness.
This allows you to choose according to your personal preferences.


Additional Keycap Option

Anodized  Aluminum ESC Keycap

For ZONEX 75, we have designed a CNC aluminum ESC keycap.
Crafted with high-precision machine engraving, it provides a comfortable typing experience.
Additionally, the surface treatment adds texture and a premium look and feel.

Boosted Features

Enhanced Features For An Upgraded Experience


All images are for illustration only; actual products may vary due to enhancements or changes.
Tri-mode version equipped with 6000mAh batteries for extended battery life, lasting up to 2000 hours.
Battery Endurance tested by IQUNIX with preproduction keyboard, Bluetooth connected, backlight off, 8 hours of daily use.
Operating time varies with settings and environment; actual results may vary.


IQUNIX Zonex 75 Kit

• Gasket Mount
• Aluminum Case
• Typing angle: 6° (without feet) / 9°(with feet)
• IQUNIX PCB-Mount Stabilizers
• Case Weight: approx. 1.1kg 
• Default Package Weight: approx.3.2kg 
• Dimension: 346mm * 152mm * 17mm
• Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1 / 2.4GHz / USB-C 
• Software: IQUNIX Firmware / QMK Firmware 
• Surface Coloring: E-coating / Anodized

IQUNIX Moonstone Switch

• Linear
• 5-pin
• Pre-lube
• Sound: Deep & Thock
• Operating Force: 37±5gf
• End Force:47±5gf
• Pretravel:2.0±0.4mm
• Total Travel: 3.7±0.3mm
• Durability: 80 million actuations

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