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ZX75 is a 75% gasket-mounted mechanical keyboard DIY kit launched by IQUNIX Super as the second customized product after 1+1.
Crafted from full aluminum and following the design standard of IQUNIX Super Series, ZONEX 75 is a significant upgrade from our pre-built ZONEX 75 PC version keyboard, catering specifically to custom keyboard enthusiasts. We welcome more ideas during the IC period to enhance this project further.

Meticulously designed with a keen eye for detail, the ZONEX 75 is a true masterpiece that perfectly blends aesthetics, performance, and utility. The detachable magnetic feet allow for adjustable typing angles, providing extra comfort and convenience. The intuitive extra media knob enables users to effortlessly control video and music playback, pause, and volume adjustment functions. Additionally, there is an ambient indicator light next to the knob, which adds a sense of fashion and uniqueness to the keyboard.

Featuring a professional, low-key appearance, the ZONEX 75 boasts a highly-textured, stylish design that seamlessly integrates into any complex desktop configuration. The harmonious and natural design offers both practicality and aesthetics, making it an excellent choice for an entry-level custom mechanical keyboard.

TEN Colorways for IC

All CNC Aluminum Case
IQUNIX has an alias "Aluminum Factory", which is given by our users.
As the name suggests, aluminum products are the strength of IQUNIX, with 9 years of experience in this field,
You can always trust us.
We offer 10 colorways for IC, Pick a vibe you like or let us know your preference by filling IC form.


Our primary considerations are the ANSI and ISO layout options. We will modify the final PCB to ensure compatibility with others if required for the split. Please fill out the IC form to let us know your specific needs and we will work to accommodate them.

As for Software, we may offer 2 options.
Wired connection with QMK firmware, Tri-mode connection with IQUNIX firmware. 

Various Plate Options

FR4 / Aluminum / PC / Brass
We provide a selection of four different types of plates, each made from varying materials with different levels of hardness. This allows you to choose according to your personal preferences. 

Extra Aluminum Keycap

For ZONEX 75, we have designed a CNC aluminum ESC keycap. Crafted with high-precision machine engraving, it provides a comfortable typing experience. Additionally, the surface treatment adds texture and a premium look and feel.

About Weight

Our designer has created two different types of weights, both of which we like very much. We need your help in determining the final design. Please tell us your preferred type in the IC form.


Typing angle: 6/9 degree
Front height: 17mm
Size: 346mm * 152mm
Case Material: Aluminum
Structure: Gasket Mount
Stabs: PCB-Mount Stabilizers
Connection: Wired or Tri-Mode 
Software: QMK or IQUNIX firmware

Please note that all details and specifications are subject to change prior to production.
IQUNIX reserves the right to modify any information provided.

All product images displayed are for illustrative purposes only. Please note that all details are subject to change prior to production. We will be updating more pictures and videos in the near future.