"1+1" means "IQUNIX + You", IQUNIX basic layout + your individual needs = Super 1+1 Series.
1+1 can be equal to WKL, 75%, FRL, 96%, full size, and other layouts.
The latest launch is 1+1 = TKL, a gasket mount keyboard kit with 89 keys layout, crafted from full aluminum.
IQUNIX SUPER 1+1 conveys a fusion of premium engineering, timeless minimalist design,and limitless creative possibilities built for visionaries by visionaries.
Where will inspiration strike next? The open road awaits.


The latest launch is the 1+1 TKL with 89 keys layout, a gasket mount keyboard kit, crafted from full aluminum. The top case of the main key area, navigation keys, and arrow keys are divided into three contrasting color areas, the red, blue, and white mixed colors, add a unique design effect to the entire keyboard and retro vibe.
Furthermore, we offer three solid color design options to meet the diverse preferences of consumers, allowing users to find their preferred style.

GB Time: Aug 24 - Sep 25

GB Page: https://iqunix.com/products/super-1-1-tkl

Join Discord: https://discord.gg/Xn542rkj56

Eight Colorways for IC

All CNC Aluminum Case
IQUNIX has an alias "Aluminum Factory", which is given by our users.
As the name suggests, aluminum products are the strength of IQUNIX, with 9 years of experience in this field,
You can always trust us.
We offer 8 colorways for IC, Pick a vibe you like or let us know your preference by filling IC form.

Various Plate Options

FR4 / Aluminum / PC / Brass
We provide a selection of four different types of plates, each made from varying materials with different levels of hardness. This allows you to choose according to your personal preferences. All of plates are universally compatible with various layouts.


Typing angle: 6.5 degree
Front height: 22mm
Size: 377mm * 128mm
Case Material: Aluminum
Structure: Gasket Mount
Stabs: PCB-Mount Stabilizers
Connection: Wired / Tri-Mode 
Software: QMK/IQUNIX firmware
Interface: USB-C
*Keyboard kit does NOT include switches and keycaps.

Please note that all details and specifications are subject to change prior to production. IQUNIX reserves the right to modify any information provided.

All product images displayed are for illustrative purposes only. Please note that all details are subject to change prior to production. We will be updating more pictures and videos in the near future.