Tilly 60 Review: Elevating Typing Efficiency & Experience

Tilly 60 Review: Elevating Typing Efficiency & Experience

*This article was originally created by Zhaowei Gu. All the photos and content are authorized by Zhaowei. Many thanks to @zhaoweiiii for sharing such great content with us!

Hi guys! It's @zhaoweiiii here!🧐 I'm quite happy to join IQUNIX and share my journey into the world of mechanical keyboards.

As a Software Engineer, my keyboard is more than a tool; it's an extension of my work. Countless coding hours have drawn me to keyboards that amplify efficiency and comfort. Initially delving into gaming brands like Razer, I soon craved more. It was a friend who introduced me to the world of Filco keyboards, revealing the realm of high-quality typing experiences. This sparked a journey of meticulous component selection and switch tuning to create my ideal keyboard setup.

My preferences evolved over time. From favoring 80% keyboards, I shifted to embracing the HHKB layout for work. However, the standard HHKB didn't quite meet my standards for switch feel and build quality. That's when the IQUNIX Tilly 60 entered the scene – an HHKB-style wireless keyboard that revolutionized my setup. Its build quality, tactile experience, and wireless convenience aligned perfectly with my professional needs.

Tilly 60

Why Mechanical Keyboards Became My Passion?

I was drawn to mechanical keyboards primarily for their durability and superior typing experience. The assurance of long-lasting use and the tactile feedback they provide significantly enhance my day-to-day work and made every keystroke a joy.

Discovering IQUNIX: A Game-Changer

I always looked for a mechanical keyboard that offered programmability for a personalized typing experience, along with the flexibility to switch keycaps. This customization is essential for tailoring the keyboard to my specific needs and preferences.

Then I stumbled upon IQUNIX through a simple Google search was like finding a hidden gem! Opting for the Tilly 60 was a game-changing decision, offering programmability for a tailored typing experience and the flexibility to customize keycaps to my heart's content.

Why Recommend IQUNIX?

Absolutely, I would recommend IQUNIX keyboards to friends. The top three reasons are:

1️⃣ Personal Experience: Having used one myself, I can vouch for their quality and reliability firsthand. It's always easier to recommend something you've had a positive experience with.

2️⃣ Aesthetic Design: IQUNIX keyboards have a unique and visually appealing design. They manage to stand out in a market saturated with generic options.

3️⃣ Performance and Build Quality: The performance of these keyboards is exceptional, and they offer a solid build quality that enhances the overall typing experience.

In conclusion, the IQUNIX Tilly 60 isn’t just a keyboard; it’s a testament to efficient design and performance. Its seamless blend of functionality, style, and reliability makes it a must-have for anyone seeking a top-notch typing experience.

IQUNIX Tilly 60Tilly 60 Review

My Satisfying IQUNIX Tilly 60 Setup

My most satisfying setup has been with the IQUNIX Tilly 60. It features:

※ Linear Switches: Each switch is carefully lubed for a smooth, consistent typing experience.
※ Stabilizers: Lubricated stabilizers to reduce noise and improve keypress stability.
※ Wireless Connectivity: The keyboard connects wirelessly, offering flexibility and a clutter-free desk, complemented by its long-lasting battery.
※ Aesthetic Customization: I've chosen a sleek black code theme for the keycaps, adding a professional yet stylish look.
※ Artistic Touch: A special keycap designed by an artist features a unique terminal design, making it not just functional but also a piece of art.


Future Desktop Upgrades

In my upcoming upgrades, I'm eyeing another HHKB layout keyboard, this time with AA battery compatibility. This feature ensures replaceability and prolonged longevity, catering perfectly to my needs and preferences.

Embarking on the mechanical keyboard journey has transformed my workspace, elevating not only the typing experience but also the aesthetics. IQUNIX, with its innovative designs and exceptional performance, has become a staple recommendation for those seeking an enhanced typing journey.

Tilly 60

*Hopefully, this helps you out if you're in the market for some new mechanical keyboards and/or are curious about the IQUNIX Tilly 60. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.


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