Welcome back to IQUNIX Super! We’re thrilled to introduce the Striker 80, IQUNIX Super’s latest premium mechanical keyboard. The Striker 80 delivers an unparalleled typing experience for discerning enthusiasts and gamers alike.


The Striker 80 draws inspiration from the striker position in sports competitions and games where speed, skill, and accuracy are required. We apply this competitive spirit and high-performance sports philosophy to the design of this mechanical keyboard, aiming to create the perfect "striker" and "scorer" for each user to help them win in their respective fields and achieve the extraordinary.


The exterior design of the Striker 80 is strongly sporty and competitive. Compared with other keyboards, the biggest appearance feature of Striker 80 is the rotating part design. It is composed of multiple triangular cutting surfaces, with regular cutting and a strong three-dimensional sense. The streamlined and smooth surface also shapes toughness and layering. The overall design embodies a smooth, elegant, and timeless aesthetic.

The Striker 80 offers an optimized experience for FPS gamers. Its angled design allows for use at an ergonomic angle, providing more room for mouse movement. The open area in front serves as a practical palm rest and the remaining open facets extend its striking angular form. Its silhouette hints at the possibilities of its shape-shifting design. Gamers can readily shift between horizontal and reclined positions for maximum comfort during extended practice sessions or games.


The Striker 80’s unibody design requires a single block of substantial material to achieve its faceted form through CNC machining. Its faceted surface requires meticulous polishing of multiple planes, a time-intensive process. The keyboard’s large, variably profiled surface also presents challenges for anodization, resulting in a lower yield rate for flawless finishes.

Yet the bold style, precise details, and seamless fusion of the result justify the extensive efforts. The Striker 80 crystalizes the vision of form, function, and finishes coalescing into a striking whole that epitomizes premium design and builds quality.

FOUR Colorways for IC

All CNC Aluminum Case
IQUNIX has an alias "Aluminum Factory", which is given by our users.
As the name suggests, aluminum products are the strength of IQUNIX, with 9 years of experience in this field,
You can always trust us.
We offer 4 colorways for IC, Pick a vibe you like or let us know your preference by filling IC form.


Our primary considerations are the ANSI and ISO layout options. We will modify the final PCB to ensure compatibility with others if required for the split. Please fill out the IC form to let us know your specific needs and we will work to accommodate them.

As for Software, we may offer 2 options.
Wired connection with QMK firmware, Tri-mode connection with IQUNIX firmware. 

Various Plate Options

FR4 / Aluminum / PC / Brass
We provide a selection of four different types of plates, each made from varying materials with different levels of hardness. This allows you to choose according to your personal preferences. 



Layout: 80% ANSI and ISO
Typing angle: 6.5 degree
Front height: 30mm
Size: 384mm * 245mm
Case Material: Aluminum
Structure: Tray Mount
Stabs: PCB-Mount Stabilizers
Connection: Tri-Mode
Software: IQUNIX firmware
Interface: USB-C

Please note that all details and specifications are subject to change prior to production.
IQUNIX reserves the right to modify any information provided.

All product images displayed are for illustrative purposes only. Please note that all details are subject to change prior to production. We will be updating more pictures and videos in the near future.

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